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Friday, 20 October 2017

Out with the Indoor Gang

Friday October 17th

Been nearly two months since anything outside.  The Harrogate Wall crew came to the rescue with an offer to join in on their Lakes expedition.  Despite my best attempts to foul it up (gave Rodger the wrong email address!) managed to hook up in Langdale for a visit to the always challenging
East Raven Crag

Frank shows the way up the left hand satrt of Ophidea VS 4c

Moving up in an airy position

Frank tackles the last of the difficulties

Graham keeps on the right side

Roger on By Jingo VS 4b

More cams please!

Frank starts Jingo
E1 5a

Peter follows By Jingo

Steeper than it looks

Rained off at 15.15, finished off up a very wet By Jingo

Speckled Band very wet upper third
By Jingo in the rain
Jingo pretty good but v bold in the middle

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hove Gigs

7th -15th October

It's a Drive On Saturday!

Five hours 30m to Brooker St.  Drop off stuff then on to 4th, trip to View back for pasta norma

Sunday sunny walk on front lunch at Copper Clam - squid! Evening with V&P  for Sunday Pie Special.

Monday - slow day bus to town evening with Jamie's Mozarella Risotto

Tuesday - Morning sally forth to the Lagoon for fish.
Evening at Old Albion Pub Quiz - Brooker St Kids (6 off) ran out winners in a close run race  - outnumbered all the opposition. Drank the prize.....

Wednesday - walk to town, Planet India early evening then Strypes at the Concorde - Loud hot fast and heavy.

Thursday  - walk to Palace Pier - Sobi to Marina - walk to Saltdean, more squid and GC salad - bus back, regroup then Sunset with V at the view - 20,000 Steps By The Sea



In the White Cliff

View sunset

Loft windows at Brooker
Plumber round following yesterdays repeat leak!!

Bankers at 4th then Brighton Beach Boys at Brunswick with V&P and Jeff and Sue et al.
Fantastic night some clips here

Screen shot
Joyous show

Strictly Chilli at Brooker St

Fast trip to WWOW 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

West Coast Variations

Thursday 5th October

Ready for a sally forth - webcams at Keswick look promising. Slow drive over - two sets of roadworks added 40 minutes.

Invented another Derwent circuit, incorporating a link to Lingholm.  Weather stayed bright - fabulous!


Shepherds Crag catches all the light

6 miles

Friday, 15 September 2017

Barnard Castle

Wednesday 14th September

Shopping in BC so went on a mini tour of the local town for a stroll about


View down the river

Back across to Desmesnes at the bottom of town
Friday 15th - walk down the qwest side of Derwentwater

Thursday, 31 August 2017

August Bank Hove

BH heatwave Saturday - Tuesday inclusive

Some great light

Rye day trip

Sunset on the fridge

Debut on SoBi

Chichester trip
Aperros at The View

Friday, 25 August 2017

Cleveland Classics

Thursday 24th August
Time constraints dictated local fast access quick fix it's got to be;
Scot Crags Scugdale
Almost caught out by a sudden shower on the path up, made it back to the car to wait it out.  But once again the rain showers sweeping across the plain all afternoon mostly passed us by.

BP starts the circuit in confident style and enjoys a brief weather window.  It soon shut.

No idea why this route goes by the name of Holly Tree Wall

BP ropes up for Tooth and Nail as the drizzle returns

Whistled up there with great economy

Three more good routes follow in short order

Cub's Climb
Pet's Corner
Whippet Wall

Zeta Wall

Another fine line

Steep off balance climbing leads to a relieving jug

Pup's Climb

Moves right from here on small holds

BP stitches up a devious thread on Jack's Delight

Gravity Wall (Direct)

Crux is at the top

Took two attempts and used up a lot of effort.

Normal finish traverses left at the top but feels precarious

Just off vertical here

AT selects some gear

A #10 helps commit to a hard finishing sequence (eventually....)

The Bulkhead goes up the obvious line centre pic.

Top crack overhangs

Too much for AT's noodle arms;

So BP despatched with great conviction.

Fortunately ran out of time before more displays of feebleness

Routes 1-6 may not be exact but close enough all in that area.  Includes downclimbing