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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Raiders of the lost Routes

Tuesday April 17th

Despite suspect weather couldn't face another indoor day so headed north hoping for a dry day, once again optimism triumphed and we stole the day at

Kyloe (Out)

Xmas Tree Arete provides a gift wrapped warm up

John's Wall works its way left to right up the wall.

Climber is on Chris's Arete at HS4b

© andymoin

 How come we'd ignored it all these years?
Mo (finish up Christmas Tree Arete Direct)

Time for another new one over on F Buttress

Cloister Wall
HS 4b 22m

And the rest

AT ready to move up onto the big ledge

The wall above proved bulging and forced some moves left to regroup in the comfortable cave

Followed by an outbreak of megga mincing about

Off balance shuffle right along the ledge lead to steep moves up the breaks.

Then chance to calm down at the second small ledge before finishing up a tricky groove.

Good gear there but hard to clip

This angle gives a clue to the climb

The ledge provides no respite, all a bit precarious


Kettle still boiling a bit.
 5 point belay took some tidying up.  Dropped the big hex down the crack - had to fish it out with a broddler on a sling.

Apart from that all in fine style......

The operation to remove the cam was a success.

Unfortunately it died in the process.

It may yet undergo a resurrection

[update; now restored]

Some Sticky Fingers courtesy Simon Mayo

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

First cut

Monday April 9th

At last some decent weather.... after a misty start the sun broke through by about 1pm, later on a bit of a breeze dried things up enough to get the mower out.  Good jobs done in the outside spaces, cleaning, fettling proofing and painting.

Just as well, it started raining at 6pm and kept going for 24 hours everything is sopping now

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Three Times Lucky

November 2017 - Scot Crags
March 25  2018 - Scot Crags
March 29th
Why interrupt the flow?  Let's get up to:

Scot Crags

Next few days looking very mixed so opted out of the indoor facsimile and headed back out to the real world, despite a rather friable forecast.

Not many pictures, too busy!
Anyhow seen em all before!

BP cruising Blaeberry Buttress Direct

The just past vertical start is where all the action is.

Nook and Cranny

Corner Direct Right

Pretty thuggy to get started
Hard with long legs

Given the early season conditions a 3 star effort all round

Monday, 26 March 2018

Everybody out!

Sunday March 25th

Winters grip finally letting go, promise of a dry sunny day, corks well and truly ready to pop so picking up where we left a mere 4 months ago at the NYM go to venue...
Scot Crags

Plenty of people out, good to see TM, MT and company keeping CB amused before AT and BP pitch up.

BP on Holly Tree Wall

Saints Wall

CB in great shape on Zeta Wall

The moves up to here are pretty thin

Until the jug arrives

The routes aren't long.

But they are packed with action.

BP needs no beta on Zeta

This angle reveals the steepness

AT spends a while getting to know  the one good hold

Tooth and Nail is another steep outing.

The crux is dirty this time of year

So bridging makes a lot of sense

Gravity Wall runs out of gear here

CB about to flutter right up the hard finish.

Forced to reverse it in favour of a more direct finish

AT follows

Went much better than last year's struggle

Jack's Delight doesn't offer much joy by way of gear

The top break welcomes most wires


Great to get to grips with some real rock after months of confinement!  Bring it on!

BP did some extras solo

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Lakeland Regular

Friday 10th March

Good forecast - one day only!  Plan A activated

Drive to Keswick - tick
Grab provisions - tick
Catch 12.20 78 to Lodore - tick
West Side walk - tick
Booths shoppery - tick
Horse and Farrier - tick!

All objectives met!

Low flier! 
Airbus A400M  flies low out over Bassenthwaite

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Spring Tease 2018

March 8th

Late afternoon walk out

Pudding Hill Road

Last week's snow hanging on

Live Tweet

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Wall Games

Feb 27th

Weather warnings, blzzards, wind chill terrors, forecasts of travel disruption and all round mayhem failed to stop large posse of pensioners arriving at Harrogate Wall for some indoor action.

BP leaves an on sight 6a+ trailing in his unstoppable wake

CB takes it easy after a minor op