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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Big stuff in Borrowdale

Tuesday 22nd June.  A day up on Raven Crag in Combe Ghyll.  After a good walk in hung about for a couple of short routes, then met the chaps high up with a bit of porterage.

Pedestal wall - short clip  here

BP high on lake rock

"For the Record" MVS 4b

Mellow Yellow

Sunday 20th, a short five miles up in farthest Arkengarthv dale.  Meadows in bloom.


In and around the river.

Red Lion in Langthwaite for a cleansing beer

Friday, 18 June 2010

No doubt? It's Wrynose

High pressure building - so out west with high hopes of a good day - destination Black Crag up on Pike O'Blisco.

Somewhat surprised to find the crag festooned with top rope type folks from clubs out of Manchester and Aberdeen, otherwise there was just us S-types and another pair of E-types.
The chaps knocked seven good routes off 
whilst I pottered up to the summit of P O'B at 700m.
Looked across from Gimmer many times but never been up there for the opposite view.

Some climbing cuts here; movie

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It ain't nothing but a party

Word went out there was a party ban.

But there was a rumour about a rumble, and when Vikki and Pete arrived on Thursday, then Roger and Sue lunchtime on Friday, Mags thinks what's the rumpus?  But the fix was in, and by Saturday lunchtime the righteous hordes arrived in a mass demonstration of their right to party.
The good people at the Bridgewater did their bit with lunch - and got straight in the mood hurling beer all over Nancy's party(sic) dress (oops!).

Some folks blatantly and with no little sange froide relocated the unfinished wine bottles back to the West House Whoopitup unparty.

Party free cakes courtesy Robineau, de-partied bubbly from Lindauer, partylessly perfect weather gifted from God (thanks your almightiness), a garden full of natter, banter and bunting.  Speeches unfortunately(?) remained verboten..

But nonetheless welcomed the Lanagan Ladies, the Southern Contingent, also a bunch of Oakland Girls, the Dukes Retainer (GFMO and Bar); The Brighton Rockers, the Norwegian Hordes, the East Yorkshire Ever Presents, the Stillington Gang, the Four (Soft) Tops, the Birmingham Barn Stormers, The Raby Road Ravers; the Newcastle Sun Glass Mob, also with Phil Pentangeli, Ann the Hat Addy and Don Ron Tommsoni himself.  Assorted Rope Holders, Runners and Riders rocked up a bit later; and finally some fellow Winstonians.  Fantastic do!  (if not actually a party......!)

Can't beat a long slow drizzle on a hot summer day.

More pics at