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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Bowie Was

Monday 11th January
Woke up hearing series of DB tracks on radio interspersed with commentary in the past tense....
Nicky Campbell cemented the mounting sense of dread.

Played Quicksand
"Don't believe in yourself
Don't deceive with belief
Knowledge comes with death's release"

Most of em

June 6th 1973 Sheffield City Hall (Second Show)

August 5th 1997 Nottingham Rock City

DB opens with Quicksand at Rock City

Me, Margaret and Clive with about 1700 other souls
Some favourite live action here
One-take Bowie in full cocaine-fueled raw-throated glory

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sneak Ski Week in the Massif de Mont Blanc

9th - 16th January in
Les Houches
Apartment Kandahar B12 with Sue and Rog
Right opposite the Belle Vue Teleferique

Travel out, Ferry for a change

After a long dry mild spell there has been a big dump followed by a big drench, raining hard at village level on arrival and all day Saturday.  So had a drive up the valley to le Tour, where it was snowing heavy at 1400m, but we didn't go up

Another dreary day in the village, but togged up and took the local (Bellevue) cable up.

Her Luminescence returns!

Bowie Was
More rain
Poor viz
Trip though tunnel to Courmayeur
Cafe Grande on Via Roma

11km under the roof of Europe

In Courmayeur where it all began
Lots more snow over there
The forecast snow at village level arrived over night
Geared up and headed up the hill
Snow conditions much improved, not much in the way of piste bashing so pretty fluid skiing everywhere.

Much better viz than expected given how poor it was lower down

Home fires burning
Blizzard outside

15 cm of pure white snow overnight in the village

All aboard!

After a mixed morning and a great lunch at the Vielles Luges (a fabulous little spot in the woods off the piste) things opened up for a brilliant afternoons skiing right up to the last ride down at 16.45.
Mont Blanc presents itself in truly awesome scale from up on the Prarion

Quick coffee at 4pm before the last gasp dash across the system to catch the last teleferique down

Sunset over Mont Joly from the Bellevue 'Frique

Last day on the hill, snowing early doors, boys only going up.
Action packed day in all sorts of conditions, lunch at La Taniere off the back.  Rustic!

Real mountain men.....

Last ride down...
A bientot Les Houches