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Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Northumbrians

24th September


Outdoor therapy for the mind, body and soul - all requirements met.


Say no more..


VD in the book

S4a in UKC

Say no more



Crook - set

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

West Side Story

Sunday 21 September

Lakeland Combo

Ferry to Wray Castle
Walk to The Ferry House
Ferry to Bowness Pier
599 open top bus to Ambleside

Lunch spot

Lots of boats out

"Bart" Simpson day


13.30 from Ambleside
599 from Bowness

back around 17.15
Nights drawing in on the 66

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Barons of Triermain

It was the dawn of an autumn day;
The sun was struggling with a frost-fog grey,
That like a silvery crape was spread
Round Skiddaw's dim and distant head,
And faintly gleam'd each painted pane
Of the lordly halls of Triermain,

(from "The Bridal of Triermain" - Sir Walter Scott)

18th September
The extended spell of great weather out west continues, so only one way to go, terrible weather over the Pennines but once past Appleby a whole new ball game
In the interests of maximum climbing minimum walking and known quantities headed down to;

Castle Rock of Triermain

The usual suspects

AT whistles up a well known route

BP makes short work of the tricky crux on Via Media, it's surely worth more than Severe?

Especially when the direct finish option is deployed up the fine wall to the right..

BP steps out of the groove to make for a sporting run out up the final few metres
BP disciplines the kinky yellow rope with some harsh coils

Andy! why this hesitating pause?
Didn’t you take enough quickdraws?
Why sidelong eye the moves so thin
Stand on foot without a slip,
        From hold to hold might safely trip

On the rather mind bending start of Direct Route
Looking for more good gear to keep that friend in good company

And trust thy partners strength; 
nor fear
That this same stalwart arm of mine,
Which could yon oak's prone trunk uprear,
Shall shrink beneath the dodgy gear

Becoming bold, and move up fast.
So! now, the danger dared at last,
Look back, and smile at perils past!

Kleine Rinne

The starting moves are deceptively steep and pretty pumpy

BP approaching the second crux up the short steep corner.

All safely gathered in

Unknown climber on Gazebo (HVS 5a)

South Crag is festooned with routes
Some more poetic license with the pixels...

Via Media
Direct Route
Kleine Rinne 

With thanks to Sir Walter Scott
Full and original version here

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Talking bout the Borrowdale Ramblers

Wednesday 10th September
Borrowdale Multi-Crag!
Steel Knotts and Shepherds Crag

A pinging Autumn day - dreamed up this combination en route, some new leads for me - multi-crag option  takes some doing to move on and get started again but perfect weather - so has to be maxxed up.

Today's Best of  Borrowdale 

Steel Knotts

BP gets some good gear in on the intimidating start of Route 2

Lobbing a leg over

The fine corner of Ambling Ant is on the left

More leg lobbing on Ambling Ant

Couldn't locate BP's recommended nut slot so fiddled a decent cam in a pocket

It's there!

(from 2011)

An exposed slab and a semi detached block add some interest to the finishing moves of the amble.

Steel Knotts

Ambling Ant (left)
Route 2 (Right)

Original picture from 2011 visit

Next Stop - Shepherds Crag
Via the cafe for some cold drinks
Two more good routes - finally got that Ant Highway lead done (looked at it last May but was too cold and windy)


Steep, positive holds, great gear

Someone else on CDM

Where is the tree?
(c) Jessica Mccaskey

Ant Highway

It's all about the first 5 metres

Rocking drive out
Talking About the Midnight Rambler..

The Sevillians

Sep 3rd - 4th

Two nights in Sevilla

At the Hotel Andaluz on the south side of town near the stadium
Swimming pool but no movie stars....

Lunch on Wednesday
Plaza de Jesus de la Pasion

Nice spot
Shame about the rubbish service

Museum of Arts and Traditions
Plaza Americana

The Plaza de Espana

An amazing place

Aerial view, symmetry

Cool Cat

Hot Dog

Santa Maria de las Cuevas Monastery (La Cartuja)

Museum of Fine Art

Some great stuff new and old

Tapas Carmena, CallaSsanta Maria la Blanca - lunch spot
More pics here
20 days away in Hove, Luz, Seville
What a trip....