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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Scot Crags Rock-Shock

Monday May 23rd

The Kalymnos Crew are back in Blighty and raring to team up again.....  having overdosed on all that sun soaked jug festooned limestone what could be better than an afternoon on the completely dissimilar sandstone at:-
Scot Crags - Scugdale

With 3 out of 5 members first timers at this premium NYM venue there was plenty to get  stuck on stuck into.  At least the warm sunny weather is familiar, if nothing else......

Starting out on Razor Rib and Beta, 
a pair of surprisingly technical VDiffs

Gamma (almost Severe and actually 4a)

Mrs P gets aquainted with the lack of any useful looking holds

JC deploys a choice selection of expressive language on the first contact with this weird sandstone s***

Mr P at the sharp end on Razor Rib

Smooth moving on his 435th ascent of this stubbly chunk of crag

JC feels the faith beginning to build with some tidy padding up the pleasant friction moves on Beta (VD)

Nice shaping on the same route

SP gets the footwork sorted on Saint's Wall (S4a)

Like it so much got it repeated it there and then

BC woofs it up Pups Climb
HS 4b **

Get that foot up there!

Pet's Corner (right)  will have to wait till next time.

After an extended sequence of mincing about and some useful interventions from BP, AT finally gets the right shape for making the moves up Pingers (VS 5a)

Get on up there!
 Plenty to come back for

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Cleveland Crow Bar

Saturday 21 May

Torrential downpour all the way to the Lord Stones cafe, but a short lunch was all it took for the sun to come out and a short walk along the balcony path was crow barred in.

Teeside due North

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Back in KL

Monday 16 May

Trip out to KL, caught some rare rays

Lunch in the Italian Garden
(Pizza Inferiore - new management/chef?)
Mooch around a bit


Good to get out after being at home for a few days

Friday, 13 May 2016

Operation Woggle

Thursday May 12th
Last chance to get something done before the next batch of Arctic air knocks ten degrees off ambient, a quick confab early Wednesday and the promise was made to be prepared to do our best on the ever welcoming rock of......
Upper Scout Crag
The recent Wired guide provided details of a "new" route - The Ramsbottom Variation - adding to the aspirations of today's highly motivated team - gotta be done!

A party were already well established on Route 1 as we walked in.   Being as they were still busy on belay, Route 2 seemed a good option to get ahead - although a short pause on P1 came in handy to collect all the pro (to give the quick draws something to do....?)

AT relieved to feel a full set of nuts

AT on R2P3

Not quite Ueli Steck

But relatively quick!

PM at the belay spot

DMM rock 9 had been left in by somebody

Now on ATs rack

PM leading P1 of The Ramsbottom Variation - as per P1 Route 1

The Ramsbottom Variation
AT on P2

Great climbing

A bold approach required,  committing moves left from here - then bomber gear comes just in time

Getting the hang of the descent route

Route 1

PM leading out on the brilliant P2

Common belay at top of all three routes - marvellous

Next stop ODG!


Route 2

The Ramsbottom Variation

Route 1

A Good Day's Sunshine!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Monday 2-May - Sunday 8th May
Monday night at V&Ps
Tuesday - walk to Brighton and back
Wednesday - IKEAaaagh!
Thursday - lunch with V at Polpos
Friday - new hats purchased, V&P for supper
Saturday - Roger and Sue visit, (Polpos) early birthday for Pete at Ginger Dog
Sunday - down to beach, V&P for cofee and lunch, later to Jeffs. then Carluccio's and Tindersticks

 Gilmour's place

 Sun on Grand Avenue
Al Fresco Cafe

Roger and Sue pay us a visit
 At this year's GO-TO eatery

Beach heaving!  Legs out....
Ginger Dog for Dinner Saturday night v nice but Rib-Eye more like Rib-No!
Sunday - last day Hurrah out at the Dome with the amazing Tindersticks

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Lions 2016

Friday April 29 - Monday May 2nd
Kings Norton Birmingham 
Friday - arrive and impromptu squash at the Uni with Rich, Matt and John plus Ian.  25 minutes quite enough for an old dog. Great takeaway - late night world correction service fully operational!

Saturday - Megga Sally Forth around Brum - Grand Central, Bull Ring, Canalside - super eats at Strada in the Mailbox then the legendary Steve Gibbons at Walmley Social Club via train, bus and taxi return, parallel universe all the way.

Golf for breakfast (R53-S49)
Regroup at Costa  then Barber art gallery at the Uni, some serious pork pulling and fun and games with Laurie and his minders in the afternoon

Visit with Louise Laurie and Matt at their new place


Town scene

 Lions by the watering hole

Warmley Welcome

Rich in full air guitar mode

What a scene!

Steve G lays down his unique groove for the goujon gang