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Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Christmas week in Hove

Low resolution

High dazzle

Canhams butchers on Church Road

Uber authentic

Foaming beach


Lunch here

Santa has been with a sackful of stuff!

Boxing day show at Theatre Royal


Saturday visit to the Lilleys

(these aren't they)

Fun with Lego, retro sounds and games

OOPS! a minor incident with the bobblehat...!

Now truly bespoke!

Sallying Forth....

Last of the festive photons

Shadows of some length
Power sky en route north
What a trip......

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Great Scot

December 3rd
Frosty morning
Cloudless sky, no wind, inside is out, outside is ON!
Dazzling drive across to;
Scot Crags, Scugdale
A selection of prime routes knocked off by today's hardy team.
Crag a bit gritty after all the rain, must remember the mat next time.

All pixels original

 Impossibly Pinging!

NB taking Pets Corner on the lead

AT prospecting for holds on Hadrian's Wall

Catching the last of the rays

Frost holding fast in the valley

Sublime end to a fantastic day on the crag