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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Winstmas 2013

Christmas week 2013

V&P arrive in good time Sunday 22nd - Curry

Monday visit Meadowfield and s/market (yikes!)
Barnard Castle for Christmas Eve Drinks in a pub, fishcakes supper

Birthday and Xmas Opening Time!

Christmas Day / V's birthday in TurkeyWorld with Grandma over and staying.

Traditional Boxing Day Breakfast

Boxing Day - Saltburn Beach and lunch in the Ship, Gobbled some turkey and chips for supper

Friday - All hands to the pump preparing Tapas and Paella for visitors from Geordie Land - V wins Focaccia Face Off by popular vote, sizzling prawns, chorizo in wine, paella, tortilla, peppers and tuna, almond cake, cheeses all go down well .

Thanks to all for a great week, lovely prezzies, some great wines (courtesy V,P,P,H  and H) - and some cheeky numbers!)

The future is vinyl

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Board Walking

December 1st
Keswick to Lodore via the western shore
About 4-5 miles
Unusual light - not dull, not bright, a kind of semichrome gloss

Just starting the boardwalk

Made the 14.55 bus with ten seconds to spare
Cutting it fine after a two hour walk!

Us Indoors

Harrogate Season off to a flying start
About 5 sessions already, great stuff

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Friday Gigs

Nov 22nd
Alice Russell
More live stuff in Newcastle
Sage 2

Lights on the Tyne are all mine

Piano and Pitcher with V and P

Cooking up a storm in Gateshead
Video link here
Sunday lunch chez Addy!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Golden Age of Rock and Roll

......Refuses to die in Newcastle
16 Nov 2013

The Seventies!  Authentically retroduced!
See here if you are ready for time travel

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Everybody out!

Tuesday November 12th
Climbers homed in on the NY Moors from the North, South and West
Numerous routes, variety of styles, including some unscheduled flight time and thankfully safe landings.
All in all a great few hours of Autumn sunshine action.

PM on Jack's Delight
VS 4b

NB in action on this route

NB in polished style running the flag up
 Mainmast Crack
(S 4a)

BP throws some shapes on a balancey sequence on

NB a bit higher
feeling the pinch

AT gets into the forbidden fruit of 5a territory on

Eve 'n' more

It's great when a plan comes together!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Millienium Field Fettling

Nov 10th

Clean up squad

Monday, 4 November 2013

Autumn's Red Blaze

Monday November 4th

Japanese Acer

West House

Looking across from Hutton Roof to the Howgills and Whernside

View 25 miles west 
Lakeland fells range from
Coniston Old Man to
Kentmere round 

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Climb on the Wild Side

Oct 30th

A brief weather window opened, the sun came out and the wind blew in.
11 routes done - good climbing

NB holds on tight
on Scot Buttress

Note wind blown rope

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Langdale variations

Friday October 11th
Overnight at Fairbank
Middlefell esoterica
Middlefell Butress P1v1 (S) BP
Arrived just behind large group from The University of Cumbria doing leader training - buttress  festooned with students, ropes and instructors.  After first pitch abandoned into the gully and climbed up to check out the routes revealed in the new guide on the upper right hand wall.

Unknown climber on P1v1

Halfway up the steep gully
V tricky ground
Abundance of atmosphere

Backed off
"Albino Hare" (MS)

Gareth (HS)
A little run out in middle section

BP contemplates heather filled finishing crack
"Good value"

Descended via Gimmer track and aimed for Revelation on Raven Crag

This was in use by the only party on the entire crag! - so carried on to East Raven.
"Mamba" S4b
Stopped by crux at 12m
Reversed moves and handed lead to BP, found the key foothold that opened the sequence

Climbing locations
and intervening meanders

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

High Five

October 1st
Autumn venues now in play
Glaciated Slab
Fits the bill perfectly, roadside crags are for wimps
Five of the best Trods in town
Tethera D (AT)
Pimp D (PM)
Methera VD (AT)
Dovera VD (PM)
Pip MVS (AT)
Fabulous setting

PM Pimps his ride.....

(Pic also tarted up!)

Sky, rock, climber all bona fide pixels taken on the day!

Belayed gratification

Trod Pip


More pics here
here as well

Some guitar anthems including

Monday, 30 September 2013

Southern Counties

Thursday 26th - Monday 30th September
Hove and Sutton
Delivered the big day bed to Vikki and Pete
Tapas, Mexican then a Thai night out at the Giggling Squid - great!

Brighton beach
(c) VP
 Scored a carpet, clock and London Calling

Saturday afternoon visit to Greenwich.

The Cutty Sark

The very definition of copper bottomed

The heart of the city

Out walking in the Weald

Man with a plan.

Ray Bans are for real.

On the right track?

Well looked after as always by R&S Entertainment Inc.

See you up North!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Misty Mountain Crag Hopping

23rd September
Langdale Multicrag
Middlefell Buttress (D) AT-NB

V1 Start (S)

Abseiled off from position A

NB tackles P2
V pleasant

NB abbing of fixed gear into gully descent path

 AT on the ragged edge of total trepidation.
Moving on to
White Crag

NB on Left Trouser Leg People (MVS4b)
Rib, slab, corner and groove packed into 25m
NB emerging on Val Ferret (HS 4a)

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Quick Lime

Friday 20th September
First half decent day after numerous wet ones
Need another quick dryer......
Twistleton Scar
Priority Corner S
Evening Star S
Angel Delight HS 4b

Evening Star
V pleasant after the ill judged selection of Priority Corner as first lead on limestone since May 2009

AT on Angel Delight's fine finishing wall above the pointy pinnacle.

Only the one wire dropped out of this one!

PM gets to grips with the pinnacle

Had to call it a day to make time for ALT-PRIORITY pick up of Fairbank furniture

Looking forward to more visits to this very fine venue (20 mins from FB, 10 minutes walk in).

Unknown climber making good moves on Twistleton Crack VS 4c

Another one of those photos by that mystery virtual climbing partner.

Well earned pint of Hawkeshead bitter at the Sun Inn following load up of settee onto roof rack, cheers PM!