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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Northumberland Multi-Crag

Friday 25th September

Had a few weeks off in a determined effort to lose strength, form and fitness.  This was clearly successful given a somewhat nugatory effort at a new crag - Corby's, compensated for by steady climbing at a venue last visited in 2009 - East Woodburn.

Corby's Crag

Optimistic outlook on arrival

Corby's has a 2 minute walk in just behind

NB meets Mr Jones
Who turns out to be a slippery customer
Holds very sandy like marbles, feet insecure, hand holds all sloping, no more gear above this point wisely abandoned lead and reverted to top rope rather than risk testing the last cam

By contrast Plonka properly graded at S 4a and excellent well protected interesting climbing throughout worth both stars.

Crossover (S4a) apparently goes straight up then traverses left round the back of the tree.

AT backs off after short fall on gear in first break, poor holds on bulging rock above with ground fall potential.

Had a look at a VS4c with good gear but too steep given state of pump and mind.

Retreated back to car somewhat less than exultant

Headed south for something more predictable

East Woodburn
Green Slab
The Arete

NB on Green Slab

The Arete follows the right hand edge on good holds

Spectacular Strahlung

Next Stop - Pub for tales of derring don't

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Seaside book end

Back in Hove for a refreshing sunny day and a cracking lunch at the Santiago.
                      Another fish lunch! 

Mediterranean Exit

Saturday 19th
Return day
Phil dropped off at Trapani, then farewell H&H
Beach morning and lunch at the Tor del Rei beach shack. 
Super sticky day off the scale humid. 
Regroup at villa swim showers load and off. Palermo go slow flight delayed by an hour slow baggage claim late back at broker about 0130 UK time. 

Ciao Guidaloca

Ciao Lido Bella Dies Vacuus

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Parked in the Golf

Last few days - Thursday down the lido on the Golfo with a superb sandy beach and a cracking social evening with a big tray of sticky chicken, procured at the rather marvellous local shop near Scopello,

Another day
Another Lido


Don't look now but we are being watched
Pre pollo aperros

Friday morning down the local lido

meanwhile H's x2 to the cove

Water is lovely down there

Idyllic lunch on the terrace in Scopello what a spot but the local fish are best left in the sea.

Sausages procured cheers Phil

No option but to

Tomorrow back to Blighty
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Mediterranean Exit

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Wednesday day trip to Palermo. Lovely city blimey hot. Great architecture lunch Al fresco Piazza Bellini. Great!  Gazillions of pics here's a few.

Teatro Massimo

Scene of Godfather 3 climax

Homage in progress

Mags at the Teatro

G's hat mission has unpredictable side effects....

See more details of this great shop at La Coppola Storta

Team on the traipse

A bit jaunty

Piazza Bellini

Lunch and a rest!
Those beers evaporated fast

Frankie Pentangelli regales against the Rosato Brothers 

An historic setting
Dates back to middle ages

No sign of this guy

Mecca for the bread makers

One of the fantastic four corners
Some refreshing Gelati then back for the Airport bus and home via cars

Back to the ranch for a cool off in the pool and some bubbly all round

Brilliant and exhausting day out
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Cooking up.

Monday 14th

Day ten and tempi fugare whilst meteo hots up mid thirties.

Early morning walk down the cove. Then trip out en masse to San Vito de Capo for lunch and lido

Ready to sally forth

50 min drive
Beach at San Vito de Capo

Evening at Scopello de Tomasso

Another triumph rustled up by H and V

Tuesday - down to the cove for an early morning swim with Phil followed by a trip to Castellmare DSL Golfo for fresh fish and Provo.

Thank God for Photoshop

Plotting the Palermo trip

Pescheria Randazzo in via Guglielmo Marconi

Lazy Tuesday afternoon

Bream world

Fish, sausage and chicken cooked up!

Fantastic veggie dishes on the side

Great effort by the well oiled feast machine

Palermo tomorrow

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