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Saturday, 31 January 2015

Thomski 2015

25 Jan - 1st Feb

Bozel half dozen, sixth consecutive year in this town set in a valley above Moutiers at 850m between the megga systems of the Three Valleys (via Courcheval 1300) and La Plagne (via Champagny).

Team depleted by loss of team members AJ, injuries to SL and an attack of acute sciatica (MT) - on mountain team conseqentially reduced to single gender most days.
 Secteur Champagny - from Courcheval acros the valley

Sunday - good travelling day - fortnately just missed Operation Stack on M20 and tunnel running on time, Calais 8.45, arrive Bozel 19.10.  All in good order.

Monday - mixed weather on the mountain, usual circuit to Le Plein Soleil for lunch and a couple of long runs off the Carella chair.
Tuesday - another changeable day involving eclarissons, chutes de neige, visit Plagne Centre via Verdons Sud, runs off the Colorado chair, lunch at the Inversins, some scratchy runs in the Bijolin bowl, followed by a foggy exit via Borselieres.
Wednesday - All out to Pralognan except MT still hors de combat, bright weather till about 13.30.
Thursday - Snowed all night, chaps back to Pralognan taking advantage of tree runs and frequent visits to the fabulous restaurant at Fontainettes, fluffy skiing on piste. V quiet until about 2pm.  Even then pretty relaxed.  Great place on a dodgy day.
Friday - Still snowing, about a foot in Bozel, poor forecast and bad viz, no skiing, two car trip to Chalet Alpina for a team lunch - Summit Snow chains work well, Tiguan copes with all road conditions, great!  JS demonstrates stunt woman routine whilst clearing snow from chalet steps - forward dive with quarter twist into snow drift next to car.  Heroic!  Still snowing at 7pm
Saturday - Courchevel - with lunchtime meet up at "Le Floor" with the bus crew - great weather in the morning but snowing by the end of the afternoon
Sunday - Exit Strategy - heavy snow all morning uses up contingency in north and southbound parties

above Plagne Centre in the midst
of one of several

Mixed conditions above a steep pitch on the "Les Sources" piste

From the Secteur Bijolin

Les Arcs
on left

The magnificent Vanoise
Grande Casse Massif from the
Ancolie lift in Pralognan

Gents plus one in Pralognan

Thursday at Pralognan

Popping gently off the blanketted terrace of the Auberge de Fontanettes

A welcoming spot on a very snowy day

Happy Hour

All good

JS and MT outside the Restaurant Alpina for a team lunch in Champagny on Friday -  no skiing today

At the Restaurant Alpina

Still with same staff.....

Evening at Bozel Central

Happy Hour

Looking down the steps from the Chalet

Scene of Stuntwoman Sorelli's airborne antics

Last day
Courchevel Secteur
Great conditions

Sunday Morning

 Just ouside Bozel
Stuck in traffic shortly afterwards
(Accident on road out of Moutiers)

Perpignan or bust

Friday, 23 January 2015

Ready, Steady...

Thomski 2015