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Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ascensus Interruptus

Friday August 28th
Another changeable day, best hope once again down in Gods Own Derbyshire, pretty blowy as usual so headed for this year's GO-TO crag -
In an an effort to avoid A61 roadworks and bank holiday hordes plotted a new route down via Stocksbridge, and heading out past various reservoirs to Bamford and Hathersage, missing out Sheffield completely.  This was a winner, especially on way back as ignored the stupid detours demanded by the SATNAV on the drive down.  Will use this route as the default route to all PEAK venues from now on.

Climbing interrupted twice by sudden downpours moving rapidly on the brisk Sou-Westerlies, but enough sun and wind for rapid return to optimal conditions, lost about 90 minutes (a couple of routes), but still packed a lot into the day with BP in good fettle following recent battle with a few billion viruses.

BP set off in bright sunshine up Pulpit Groove, but by the time P1 was was in the bag the heavens opened and AT followed in very wet conditions.  Abandoned crag and headed back to the car for lunch.  
Another brief squall was seen off then returned to the crag - sun-dried!

Take 2

AT gets into a fine position to tackle the tricky groove on Three Tree Climb

The high flake unlocks the way in

Another shower comes and goes

Take 3
BP restarts with a pleasant lead up Snail Crack

Now the crag is back into good condition - time to push the boat out on Once Pegged Wall

The crack swallows gear but the next moves are steep and after another sustained gibber AT loses the battle of nerves and down climbs from here


Plan B swings into action

BP floats serenely up the bold Gingerbread

AT follows to get the gear then lowers back down to wait for a rope from BP to retrieve the gear seen festooning the wall on the left

Topped out on the TR - should have ignored all that clucking noise first time round and GOT UP THERE LARDY

BP tidies up

Still plenty to come back for.

The obvious crack on the left is on the list

Homeward sounds

Normal route

Optional route

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Coastal Classic

Tuesday August 25th
A small step for man
A giant leap for magpie

Sandsend to Whitby via F&C special

Rather rough walking at start

Mags best friend

Another old dog

Magnificent nosh at this timeless eaterie


Monday, 24 August 2015

Out West

Sunday 23rd
A warm weather window - the "Spanish Plume" extending way up north, perfect for a trip over the Pennines and well trodden trail in the sunshine

The sailing scene at Nicholl End

Picnic spot

Wooded shoreline very pleasant

Black cows and Black crag

View from Shepherds Crag Cafe

Tea for two please

D and FJ are in residence


Friday, 21 August 2015

Scot Crags Quickie

21 August
AT and BP squeezing in a short day
Warm, windy, squalls passing by
14 routes done on Scot Buttress, Romulus,  Drunken Buttress and Eve
Very few pixels, seen most of em all before
Highlights include Romulus
Jack's Delight (on Eve)

BP whistles up a Wolf of the same name at HS4b

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Farewell Fairbank

We move all stuff out today
Thanks to P and P for invaluable help
God luck to the new owners
History here

Monday, 17 August 2015

A Weekend Gem

15th - 16th August
30th anniversary weekend
The Blue Lion - East Witton
Overnight stop with top nosh and posh suite

Walk to Jervaux, tea room lunch

Great views across to Middleham and Leyburn

Distant Danby hall

155m ascent

Checked in
Room 15
with garden
D&FJ seating set-up

Plus welcome pack!

Cheers H,H and P!

Happy Hour!

The Suit Jacket almost fits

Ready for eats

Sunday - checked out, short drive and walk to Aysgarth Falls
Another Tea Room Lunch

Darby and Joan Rule!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Lord Walk

Friday 7th August
Good forecast out East

Walk from Lordstones above Carlton in Cleveland

Above Beak Hills Farm

A new view of the revered Wainstones

The Cleveland Way
252m ascent

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Peak Flow

Wednesday August 5th

CB in the loop for a day, bad weather north and west so headed to Peak.  Contacted CB's wrinklies and grumpies gang en route - they were heading to Willersley - some hardish limestone further south near Matlock - too far for us.  Landed at Burbage North but wind pretty strong up the valley so detoured to
- much more sheltered and only us there all day!  Mentioned to CB that I thought I was going quite well... me and my big mouth! So submitted myself to whatever Mr B had in mind and set my sights on mere survival......

As expected it turned out to be a day of fairly big numbers, a couple of false starts but no falls or rests, mission accomplished!

Disclaimer - not all the pixels in the following pictures were captured co-temporaneously. Some may have been moved about under a fully qualified artistic license.  Others may have been imported from elsewhere or transported from the past in the interest of creating some sort of record (however unfaithful) of the day's goings on,

Pulpit Route

Off to a sympathetic start with a nice VDiff to loosen us up, a long first pitch and a short wander to a finish up a steep little wall

....only for the ante to be upped pretty quick

Meringue HVS 5a

Limited gear but CB found the crucial placements.  Slippery start (oops), technical moves, crux at top
A climber on Tyrone HVS 4c
(From the Gunter Vaults)

Had a bit of a sustained gibber before committing to the steep finishing moves - lived up to its name.

(Climber on left about to launch into this sequence)
A lot of dispute on UKC about the grade but who cares!

Other usual suspects in action back in May

CB said something about an E1 5b would "get me tuned up" to tackle the leaning route on the right.  Who am I to argue?

CB seems to be going well on Great Peter (E1 5b) having managed the optional 5c start with some difficulty.

Higher up a few mutterings started floating down, this didn't bode well for 5b virgins

AT internal dialogue something like...

"Hit that side pull...!
Rock up!
Hang that crimp!
Sort those feet out!
Teeter up.....!
Twist that fingerlock....

Repeat for 15m or so.

"tuned up"......?!!?

More like blown up

Anyhow moving a few metres rightwards onto.....
Great Harry
Another compelling line

As expected this turned out to be a bit of struggle, at least up to the ledge just above half height.

CB came up to belay there and provide close up counselling

Very exciting finish just right of the little overhang top centre
© GermanAlex,UKC


Last gear here

Then a surprising traverse before up to finish in a brilliant position

Another view

© andybirtwistle UKC
Another ab in the bag....

Pretty intense day out there! Cheers CB