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Friday, 24 June 2016

Middle Fellahs

Referendum  Day
June 23rd

BP raving in Glasto, leaving AT, NB and PM to go Raven in Langdale.  Mad Rocks still too frenzied for PMs toe so venue requires high comfort factor with a sense of adventure, a combination offered by
Middlefell Buttress 

NB sets off on P1
Quite steep, big holds and good gear

Not done this variant before - very nice and more in keeping with the overall grade of the whole route

NB high on our P2
AT gets all gloved up

PM follows


In the ongoing interest of making life easy on the feet, the next part of today's sport plan required......

More abbing!  


Everyone safely down
Rope pulled through


Evening Wall at about 16.20
Catching all the sun going

AT on belay
NB on P2

NB moves up

AT begins P3 of Evening Wall

Bit tricky here (FF2?) so moves left to good pro and easier ground

Thanks to PM for support getting off

Friday, 10 June 2016

Lakeland Cragsmen

Thursday June 9th
CB back in the loop for a very brief window between Spain and Norway.  Had been up Langstrath walking a few weeks back and watched a pair high up on a crag above Black Moss Pot, I've looked up there many times over the years and thought it was about time I paid a proper visit.  So no time like the present for the long anticipated trip to...
Sergeant Crag Slabs

CB selfless as ever led the way up  Revelation, nice enough although the upper groove was sopping wet from recent spells of heavy rain so moved right onto the fine finishing wall of Endurance at 5a.  

Given the setting and the routes done opportunities for action shots somewhat limited
Climber on Revelation (2012)
 © Dom Bush, Land and Sky Media with thanks.

A nice shiny abseil chain made getting down physically painless but psychologically testing, by the third ab' at the end of the day it was getting less of a mind melter

No probs for CB!

Lakeland Cragsman 

A compelling line.  Superb.

Well protected with three overlaps to deal with, sustained climbing almost all the way to the top.

Aphasia E2 5b

CB places some devious gear and gets ready to make the really hard moves to reach a good pocket
 How did he get up there?

Words fail me..... 

Very hard to follow and desperate over the second bulge

AT ends up in dogsville

CB splits into 2 pitches - run out of qds
 Aphasia © neil the weak UKC with thanks

Call yourself a climber?!!?
Stand up straight you 'orrible little man!!!
And what circus did you get those pants from?

AT struggles to wipe that grin off.
Revelation / Endurance
Lakeland Cragsman
Aphasia (P2 is Terminator 2 HVS 5a)

Looking back up from Black Moss Pot

"Out here we are stoned - immaculate"
"I'll tell you this
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn"

Some notes for future reference.

Departed 8.05
Parking in the layby outside Stonethwaite village 9.45.  Climbing 11.20 - 16.15

Walk in 1 hour 15 minutes, 1 hour 5m return (but via crossing at BMP) back at car 17.40, Threlkeld 18.10 Winston 19.40

Path up to crag starts with a walk up a prominent ridge to the right of a stream which runs down to to the left of Gash Rock.  The good path reveals itself where this small ridge merges with the fellside

50m half ropes essential, enough to reach the belay at the LH chain station but not enough rope left to move back to the top of the routes to watch a second.  An extra length of rope (about 5m) would be useful for this, otherwise to reach the lip of the crag it would be  necessary to untie, attach the ropes to the anchor, then move back down a short wall (on the plate/prussik) and re-tie in on the lower ledge which is flat and roomy.
60m ropes would reach ok.

50m half ropes reach base of crag for abseil purposes

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Winston 8/6

It's coming up.....

Broad bns

Cat show

Visiting cats do tricks

Blacky not up to this stunt

No problem for this youngster

East Beach

Tuesday June 7th

Afternoon trip out to Saltburn
Warm sun, cool air, nice change from humid Teesdale
Lunch at Rapps very nice

Water is absolutely perishing
 Extension to birthday plan

Monday, 6 June 2016

Route 66

Sunday 5th July

Card from all the visiting cats

All four going!

66? Moi?

No evidence here!
Trip to Kirkby Lonsdale on Sea

Light that Candle!!
Holiday weather!!

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Well Walth the Wait

Friday June 3rd

East-West weather split continuing, NB back in play following a couple of weeks vanning about - the only way is west but where?  Apparently there are still dragons to be slain out there so the crusade goes on at.....
Raven Crag Walthwaite

NB finds decent gear on the supposedly run out Route 1

AT tops out
1 Route 1
2 Enterprize
3 Hardup Wall
4 Route 2
Hard Up Wall doesn't offer much gear at all, and none where it really matters - one 4b sequence the rest at about v diff.
Best descent path off to the left (facing out)

AT on P1 Route 2


NB leaves a dead dragon behind on Route 2

Excellent climbing

The loneliness of the long distance belay

(Well it does say "well back" in the guide)

"Climb when ready" - by text?

Enterprize was too much of a draw to miss out on

Steps out and follows the inviting arete

Next stop....

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Trans-Pennine Rays

Week beginning 29/5
Terrible weather East, much better west
Frequent trips over that side the order of the day
Sunday - Gowbarrow walk
Monday - Climbing at Gouther
Tuesday - Afternoon trip to keswick
Thursday - day out in Borrowdale for Mags, trip to Kirkby Stephen for lunch for AT
Friday - climbing in Langdale


At Aria Force


On the Gowbarrow path

Sparkling water down by the jetty in Keswick

Kirkby Stephen

Church garden peace

Nice spot for a spot of lunch