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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

North Yorks Chill Out

Tuesday March 22nd

Scot Crags (Scugdale)
Unfortunately the forecast bright weather failed us this time.  Despite an ambient temperature of around 8 deg C Scot Crags felt quite parky.  Still - managed to get some momentum up in an effort to impress the gang of student engineers from Leeds University out for a spot of high-ball jinx (jolly fine chaps).  Not many pics as hands either climbing, belaying or in pockets.  Ten routes done, mostly 4a and above.

AT clips a nice high nut on Pup's Climb (HS 4b)

First gear goes in on Pets's Corner

Now VS 4b according to UKC

Two friends in before moving up the airy finish

Never disappoints - whatever the grade might be

PM (previously out of shot at the end of the rope)

Time to turn the heated seats up, and head for that nice log fire burning in the Crathorne Arms

Monday, 21 March 2016

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

March 20th

Weekly trip over west for a wander of some sort
#78 to Grange then back over the boardwalk to Lodore and up the East side of the lake for a change

Just about 6 miles

12.40 - 15.10
Towards Lodore

Climbers on Brown Slabs and also Eve

Lake low enough to do the whole walk

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Outside Chancers

Friday March 18th
High pressure in charge all week, but outside openings not looking good given the forecast of a cold clag spilling way over the Pennines and penetrating as far as the western fells.  Rolled the dice at 07.50am and headed out on a quest for the essential rays.

Route 66 report
Stainmore - grim, 20 C
Brough - dull  3.5C
Rheged - deathly 3C
(hopes now at low ebb..... but.....)
Threlkeld - glimpses of blue....
Keswick - GLORIOUS! 5C

Wodens Face
Offers right mix of lots of climbing and all day sun with plenty of familiar amenability to help ease the way back into the world of proper rock.

BP building familiarity on the very pleasant real estate of Wimpey Way

Fortunately the difficulties run out at about the same time as the gear.

After AT picks out Custard Creme from today's menu, BP cleans out a crack for the crucial gear on Blue Riband.


AT navigating the big block on Wodens Face Direct

(BP goes straight up on 2nd)

Higher up things get steeper for about 5m

The new Mammut 50m rope handles very nicely

Fantastic climbing up the start of Wodens Cheek

Good effort Mr P
Got to be worth 2 stars surely?

Had a close up look at the VS (Tantalus 4c) further up right - looks promising

Snow on Glarama provides an Alpine vibe

Talkin' bout Way over Yonder...

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wall Calling

Wednesday 16 March

Despite high pressure still too dodgy for outside

BP commits to the transition

and heads for a fine reachy finish

Monday, 14 March 2016

Langstrath Limited

Sunday 13th March
Rosthwaite - Langstrath figure of 8

Got the planning slightly wrong, thought the second bridge was at Black Moss Pot.

It wasn't!  So we pressed on but retreated about a half mile short of where it actually is to avoid over doing it


Path a bit boggy here and there

Rosset Crag

Just past the first bridge

Black Moss

 Maybe we could get over the river over there?

In good company

7.5 miles

215 metres ascent

12.30 - 16.30

National Trust Bogs closed on retn to Rosthwaite
Can anyone tell me WTFIGO?

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Thomski 2016 #BozelVariations

25 years of Winston's (formerly Darlington's)

Seventh Year in Bozel
Full Thomski History here
(report back if link fails)

Monday - All out in Champagny - foggy, quit after lunch, only just found the telecabine back down
Tuesday - All out in Champagny, lunch at Le Carrely (La Plagne) , great conditions good weather
Wednesday - Snow showers - Hot Dog and Thomski out to Champagny and La Plagne -  full gang meet for lunch at Club Alpina (No pics for the day's record)
Thursday - Her Luminescence, Thomski and Hot Dog to Courcheval, snowing, lunch at Pilatus.
Friday - Gas Tank (2 off) Thomski and Hot Dog to Courcheval, more fresh snow overnight, full gang meet for lunch at 1850. Bus yo-yo shenanigans follow.
Saturday - Thomski and Hot Dog to Courcheval, snowing in the morning, lunch at Pilatus, eclairissons in the afternoon.

Foggy Monday
Heading up the Borseliers Chair

Great difficulty finding the way from up there back to the telecabine station back to the valley
Tuesday - MUCH BETTER!!
Coming off the Rossa lift

In the Bijolin sector looking across to Les Arcs

Lunch imminent!

Home running, on the way to.......

...... the regular pit stop at the Borseliers

This was a reliable place for rest and re-fueling

Chalet life
Complete with visiting cat

Her Luminescence joins in trip to Courcheval
Sun tried but never broke through

Made the best of the snowy conditions pootling around Courcheval 1850

Back at the car park - INTACTO

Gnarly drive back to Bozel

Full gang out to lunch at 1850

Opted out of the 200 Euro fee to merely book a table in advance......

A pretty rough morning gave way to the promised eclairissons - opening up a wealth of faff-able terrain so Hot Dog and Thomski duly made the most of it.

Girls enjoy a nice walk round the lake and a Pizza in town with a fine Cotes de Rhone.

All Requirements Met!

For future reference
85 min drive to Dover Ferry
Depart Calais 11.15 am, arrive Bozel 21.10 (10 hours)
Depart Bozel 07.15, arrive Tunnel at 17.30 (10 hours 15)