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Thursday, 23 March 2017

New water

23 March

Grim in the East - fled west and found the blessed rays in Grasmere

Shortish (4 mile) walk along the lake side and back.

 This year's new lambs

Grasmere outflow
Darby and Joan seat featured centre pic - great spot for a warm flask coffee 

Snacks and drinks in Grasmere

Blencathra looks big down the valley

Friday, 17 March 2017

Back from the Alps

12th - 15th March

Few days at 4th Avenue - regrouping

Tuesday at Concorde 2 - Cat Power - sublime.
Nice video here

Wednesday glorious weather Marocco ice cream to sooth the burgeoning head cold.....

Evening supper with V&P at the Connaught

Drive back Thursday

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Bozel Eight

March 5th -12th

Eighth year in Bozel
Eight in the team
Well and truly Bozelated! 

A few glitches - skis left in chalet, mitten mislaid,VW battery flat, and finally completely fobbed off with the XF keys in boot episode. All worked around one way or another no show stoppers!
Monday - snowy day in Pralognan - all out, lunch at Fontanettes.
Tuesday - as above, with the Tiguan gang delayed by the battery mishap, hit by a maelstrom and evacuated off the mountain about 14.50pm.
Wednesday - Full team out to la Plagne (eventually) - mixed conditions lunch at Borseliers.
Thursday - One car load up to Courcheval - weather much better posh lunch at Casserole in 1650.
Friday - All out in La Plagne fabulous weather lunch at Inversins.
Saturday - Seven out in La Plagne another great day lunch at La Bergerie.

Dump overnight on Sunday

Great skiing on soft snow in the woods at Pralognan

Although higher up at only 1950m it was a bit wild.
Tuesday pm - skiing cut short by maelstroms on the mountain, sheltered then evacuated by 'Frique.

View from bedroom

All gone by Friday


Over the back towards Les Coches

Gang of five set out into the Courcheval system

Up at the top of the Chenus gondola

Elan Amphibio 84 Ti at 182 the longest skis used for a decade

Very stable in all conditions
Less grippy than last year's Rossi 700, but perfect for this week's mixed going

Posh lunch at Casserole 1650
No change from 30 Euros

Lunch in Bozel Thursday
Bozel in the sun, it's a friendly town in a great spot, serves Thomski well

 Long run down the Carella

Ready for the next steep pitch down the Sources, a terrific long and plunging red.

Great spot for an end of day libation

And another one!

Thomski enters the Great Bozel Bake-Off

Last day - another warm one with excellent spring conditions

Well done everyone thanks for a cracking trip!

Thomski team groups up for the very last run to the TC

7.35am Ferry
Dep Calais 10.15
Arrive Bozel 20.40

Dep Bozel 07.00
Arrive Tunnel 17.25
Depart Tunnel 18.25
Arrive Sutton 19.30

Friday, 3 March 2017

Hove and Away

26 Feb - 4th March

A slow week in 37 Fourth in readiness for the launch to the GLORIOUS ALPS

I've left every place

A couple of good days

 The shore goes large