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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Christmas Combo

Christmas featuring two centre trip at 4th Avenue and Brooker St combo

Round at 4th Ave

Eggs at the ready

Trademark Birthday head gear

Featuring today's meme

Lurkey Alert!  Bird imminent......

Sunset in the sky and sea

Space age restarts

Thursday, 22 December 2016

High Life

Thursday December 22nd

Long anticipated ride up the i360

(seeing as it's operated by BA they insist on calling it a "flight")

Seems to me that it's the gulls that do the flight thing

Dulled in a bit even so the vistas from 450 feet up are pretty stunning

Worth the trip will do it again on a nice summer day

East Street lights look great

Bandstand by night

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kirkby Excursion

Sunday December 4th
Drive out to KL - pinging day

Great walk up to Casterton, festive mood in KL - great light lunch and beer in the fabulous Sun Inn
Superb day out

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Derwent fall

Saturday November 5th

Lodore to Keswick by thye west side.
Good walking to keep warm

Friday, 4 November 2016

Red November

Not a revolutionary movement
Just Autumn round our way

 First Home
Second Home

Well, sort of...

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

On Golden Trods

November 1st 2016
It's November.  The autumn colours are immense.  The air is clear and cold.  So all the ingredients in place for keeping a good habit going with a bit of sheep counting on a visit to the ever amenable
Glaciated Slab
This crag shows good late season form - log book says
3 Nov 2015 (PM) - mist burning off
1 Oct 2013 (PM) -  overcast
4 Nov 2012 (NB) - bright with snow on the summits
7 Nov 2011 (PM) - hard frost

Today - another PINGER!

Tan, Yan, Methera and Sethera

Not showing any signs of Bothera


Looking up to Combe Ghyll's very own Half Dome


Not one but 2 independent parties already at the crag!

Don't they know it was booked 12 months ago?

Leaders get the rays

Belayers get frostbite

Unknown climber warming herself up on Trod  Methera (S)

Unknown climber nowhere near the end of his tether

NB in the same spot on Trod Tethera (VD **)

Slinging some spike or othera
Context overload!  AT and NB just visible bottom left
High quality image courtesy Abi

AT shows how hard it is having a good time seconding Trod Pimp
(S **)

AT comes over all Egyptian on the start of Trop Pip

Unfortunately one look at the crux meant a brief cry for Mummy and it was off up the easier exit of Trod Dovera, still good value at Severe

NB takes in the view from the belay before leading out P2

AT has a go at an eliminate - Trod to Far (HS) - a very artificial line.
As is this picture in which the crag has been reset to face due west.

Sunset on the mighty Skiddaw graces the end to another brilliant late season visit to Borrowdale
More pics here

Don't mention the lunch box

Monday, 31 October 2016


10 October - 25 October
The much talked about ROAD TRIP
Finally enacted - one week's notice and we're off!!
Powered by Audi TT two seats a big motor and a small boot - like biking without the pain

The plan

Some one night stands, a few days with friends, some beach life
Bye bye Blighty
Hello Tours - evening out at Le Bouchon Touringeaux the city throbs with students and Loire Valley Tourist Types - buzzing
Hotel Castel Fleuri a winner!
 Morning stroll over the Loire bridge back over to the old town

Loire Light Art

In Perigeuex
Evening meal bit different from Tours contrast - big place, but just us in!

D road motoring
Typical ditches and trees

Just like the good old Guzzi days out at half past France

Old city

Night view spectacular

Last stop  at Sitges before meet up with V&R.  No pics it was peeing down!

In the Olive Groves in the shadow of El Ports de Beseits
R&V's place

Remote spot

Great outlook

Beach day at Ampolla


BBQ back at the ranch!


Great walk out in El Portes

Plenty of Exposure........


Nice trip to Xerta for a calming cortado and a stroll to the mighty Ebro

Monday coffee morning with the locals in
El Reguers
Then Tortosa for Menu Del Dia at 4 Camins
Top Value!


Tuesday 11.10 - on to Sitges
Some scenes

In the Marina

Hot little spot for two small cold beers

I believe in mermaids too.....

Some scenes from the day trip to Barcelona

Placa de Catalunya

At la Sagrada Familia

Placa Real
Tapas lunch in the Cerverceria Catalana
Only 950 miles away....

Barcelona Arc de Triomf

Estacione de Franca

Saturday - last day
Great morning walk along the front and back

Sunday Morning 23/10

Ready go get ON THE MOVE....

Last stop in Espana

In the old city

Lovely eats at Num 37 Rue Trivalle

View from the Hotel Rapiere

On to Tours for the last overnight, again at Castel Fleuri

Eat out again at Le Bouchon Tourangeaux

Trams coming and going on the Pont Wilson over the mighty Loire
Approaching Dieppe in improving weather

Sorted!  Parked up for lunch on the harbour at a very civilised 14.15
Ferry at 18.00

Striking church - boosters ready for launch heavenwards

Our boat ready for loading

  Hoveward Bound
 Last sunset of a great trip....

More pics here