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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Berryhill Bonanza!

Friday May 12th
Northumberland looked like it might stay dry so bombed up the Coldstream Road to an attractive looking new venue....
Why haven't we been before?  Same distance as Kyloe, loads of routes at an amenable grade, short walk in less than 10 mins, south facing, good height, easy descent, good gear, belays fine, shelter if it rains,quiet location, great views.
What's not to like??

Flutings (R)

Slab Crack (L)

Both hugely enjoyable

ATwhistles up the flutes

NB follows
Three big bongs !

NB rehearses the pumpy start on Hi Diddle Diddle

AT talked himself up it.....

On Slab Crack

NB warming up

NB below the crux wall of Slanting Crack

Quite steep and committing moves follow up to the left

AT on Western Arete

Bit of an epic trying to move through the roof

Finished up traversing right underneath and going up from that side to gain the arete.

(Guide book says it's an option!!)

NB followed in a knee bar blur!


Time to wind down before the murk gets wet in it.

Maybe make it up the left next time

NB does a Big Bird thing

Sod Sesame Street - fly me to the pub!

nb route lengths estimated from length of rope run out

Monday, 8 May 2017

Raven on the Wing

Sunday May 7th

Another East West split day - grim at Greta Bridge as far as past Penrith, but great after Penruddock.

Making great time so winged it down to Langdale for some fast access climbing at

East Raven Crag

BP gets Speckled Band into the logbook - a nice tick to kick us off.

AT gets the benefit of a clutch of small friends on Jingo

Speckled Band

All cams loaded

Sort the feet out

BP deals with the steep start on Ophidea

Second crux high on the route above small wires.

Good effort youth!!

The start of Watson Wall is anything but elementary over the high stepping overhang.

Gear disappoints

Then disappears.

Bit of a sandbag really.

Grassy slope at top keeps the interest up

Time enough to interrupt the walk down to the pub with a quick zip up Elevate on the main crag.


Refreshed and ready for the ride
White Ghyll towers above

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Man the Battlements!

Wednesday May 3rd

All set for a day out west - some time constraints so optimising journey and climb time with another visit to the tried, trusted and never less than great value
Castle Rock of Triermain

Third climb of the day

NB makes ready to move up the well travelled corner on the right

AT follows on the peerless rock

NB keeps left of the eponymous tree on the entertaining Yew Tree Climb

Bold early on
But it all comes good

Looking back on another Castle Rock Cracker
 * first three climbs a bit generous at 25m

Union Lions

May bank 2017
28/4 - 1/5
East Kilbride
Sponsored by Hampden Cabs

Invited in October - cheers D&F!

Arrive on schedule in good order!

PD steps up to the plate and  AT DL RL did their best to pump it up, Mags and Val join in for a bit of balance
We can work it out......

Friday night
Chez Diane and Jed  - a bit of time travel for us all.  What a trip!
Thanks Diane for the retro-shirts!  All in glorious nostagiocolor.

Sally Forth into the Old Firmament of Glasgow Central

Georges Square
 Lion lurks ever presently

Saturday Party Night at Dunlin pan generational super social.
Finish off with quiz and Davy's brainbending supplementals
Last question of the night....Who's got the key?

Sally Forth around the West End, including the fabulous Kelvin Grove
Great exhibits, art, culture, history, life

 Interlude in a West End Eaterie
AT shows he's still got it........ 

Once upon a time in the eighties

Huge thanks to the Dunlin Crew for putting it all together.  One for the books!